Since designing an initial training course in 1962 that went on to become the CELTA, International House has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a training provider and hundreds of thousands of teachers started their career by training with IH.

International House

As part of their mission to provide affordable, high quality, professional development for language teachers globally, International House World Organisation delivers online training through the IH Online Teacher Training Institute (IH OTTI).

IH OTTI currently offers 21 different professional development courses catering for different levels of experience and interest e.g. Teaching Teens, Business English, CLIL, Teaching One to One and training for Academic Managers. IH courses are designed and delivered by experienced practitioners in the field so they are highly practical and course participants (CPs) can immediately apply what they have learnt in their own context.

All IH OTTI courses are asynchronous but include some optional synchronous sessions. This allows IH to train teachers from multiple time zones on the same course and CPs to form peer support groups with people all over the world. 


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