About Us

AQUEDUTO (The Association for QUality EDUcation and Training Online) is a charitable organization dedicated to:

  • evaluating blended and online training courses against a quality assurance framework
  • representing providers of such courses in a crowded marketplace, varying in quality
  • helping professionals identify such courses and enrol with confidence 


Since 2015, AQUEDUTO have been working with institutions worldwide to advocate for quality in online education programs. Through the development of our Quality Assurance Framework for course providers and our research in the field of online education, we seek to share best practices and quality standards for online and blended course delivery with the global education community.  


Meet our Accredited Members

Our accredited members have shown innovation and dedication to promoting excellence in online course delivery. All our members have validated their training courses against a rigorous Quality Assurance Framework which looks at three crucial domains:

  1. Institutional 
  2. Technological 
  3. Pedagogical 

Clients of these institutions can be assured that the courses are of the highest standard, designed to help students learn quickly, efficiently and well - with excellent human support throughout.