Members benefit from belonging to an organisation which both recognises – and is recognised for – quality in online training and development provision. By working together, we raise standards and differentiate ourselves from the wider offering available online.

Members Pay

  • £4,000 initial joining fee to cover
    – initial ‘health check’ inspection
    – first annual fee
    – associated administrative & maintenance costs
  • £500 annual fee for administrative costs
  • £1200 every three years for an inspection

Members Receive 

  • Peer recognition
  • Showcase for their courses
  • Use of logo / kite marks on website and publicity
  • Focused professional development community
  • Regular industry-related webinars
  • Full (current) version of the Framework
  • Representation at two large-scale conferences each year
  • An annual event (either f2f or online)
  • The right to representation on the board
  • Voting rights (one vote per member organisation)
  • Opportunity to drive developments in AQUEDUTO


Are you interested in becoming an AQUEUDTO member? Contact us to learn more!