To join AQUEDUTO, an organisation must validate its course provision against the Quality Assurance Framework. To be considered for membership, organisations must be able to demonstrate that their courses meet the minimum requirements of the framework.

In order to assess your readiness for membership of AQUEDUTO, you will need a copy of the Framework, and sample Self-Assessment form with examples of acceptable evidence. This will allow you to benchmark your courses against the Framework, and make an informed decision as to whether you wish to continue with the application or not. If you do wish to continue, please contact us to begin the process. After you have been in touch with our team, we will send you a pre-application to complete. Once we have reviewed your pre-application, we will send you the following two documents:

  1. The current version of the Framework (V2.0)
  2. A sample self-assessment with examples of acceptable evidencing for the different criteria

On receipt of these two documents, you will be able to assess your readiness for applying for membership. If you decide to go ahead, the initial membership process has the following steps:


On receipt of an application – and payment of the £1200 initial inspection fee – you will be asked to complete the Self-Assessment Form and identify whether your courses currently have each element ‘in place‘, if it is ‘in development‘, or if it is ‘not applicable‘ to your courses. The form will then be submitted to AQUEDUTO.

AQUEDUTO will first review the self-assessment grid and select twenty-five criteria (representing a sample of ‘core‘ and ‘desirable‘) and return to you for evidencing. Evidencing may take the form of additional documentation, video or image files which explain the approach taken, and links to representative courses in order to see the chosen criteria operationalised. You will then have thirty days in which to fully complete the evidence column of the Self-Assessment.

AQUEDUTO will assign two inspectors to your application, putting them in contact with you and sharing details of the self-assessment and evidence grids. Inspectors will make contact with you to discuss the grid, clarify terms and concepts and review support materials. Inspectors will review a representative sample of three courses run by you, in support of your application.

Note that each inspector will spend a complete day on the inspection process, and that this may also involve a Skype, video-conference or telephone call.

If the inspectors are satisfied that you meet the overall standards expected of an AQUEDUTO member (i.e. that all the core criteria within the twenty-five specified have been evidenced), they will propose you for full membership of – and accreditation by – AQUEDUTO. One inspector will give you verbal feedback, the other will submit a written report to both parties.

NOTE: If your application is unsuccessful, but you have only failed on five or fewer of the selected criteria, you will be invited to re-submit at no extra charge, and within six months of the original inspection. A failure to reach given standards in more than five criteria will result in the need for a complete re-submission and payment of the inspection fee again, should you decide to pursue your application at a later date.