AQUEDUTO has been established to provide a framework for the evaluation of online training provision by organisations, provide advice to enable self-assessment according to the framework and a structured peer/expert review system for accreditation.


The framework is constructed around three domains of quality in online training and education: the institutional domain; the technological domain; and the pedagogical domain. Our framework is comprised of 45 criteria within these domains, effectively making the core criteria for accreditation.


Self-assessment is undertaken by applying institutions, through the following stages:

  1. Familiarisation with the framework and its domains
  2. Alignment of institutional course types and approaches to the framework
  3. Completion of self-assessment documentation and evidential referencing to support this alignment.
  4. Submission of documentation and associated evidence for peer review


On receipt of documentation submitted, AQUEDUTO distributes the submission to the nominated representative of two existing members, who review the self-assessment submission with reference to a checklist and criteria. These peer reviewers are able to request clarification and/or further evidence of the alignment process, via AQUEDUTO, and if the documentation meets the criteria for alignment, approval is given for membership and associated accreditation.


Accreditation takes the form of:

  1. Permission to use the AQUEDUTO logo, and the strapline Accredited by AQUEDUTO.
  2. Option to add their organisation’s logo and profile to the AQUEDUTO website.
  3. Request to display the alignment to the AQUEDUTO Quality Assurance Framework on organisational website page(s).

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Although the initial focus of AQUEDUTO’s work is with organisations focused on delivering online training to language teachers, the framework is designed to be applicable to other providers of online training and education in related fields.


Founding members of AQUEDUTO have the required qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience needed to ensure its work is of value. They have worked extensively in both face-to-face and online training and continue to collaborate with leading institutions in online training and the quality assurance thereof. With more than ten years’ practical experience in online training and postgraduate qualifications in assessment, founding members have also worked extensively worldwide in this area and have published regularly in the same area. The founders have identified common core values in online training course design and will use these core values, and their extensive experience, to develop the initial accreditation framework.


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