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Blended CertIBET

ยป Blended CertIBET
Course Information
Course Name: Blended CertIBET
Course Length: 6 Weeks

The Blended CertIBET is a qualification for ELT/TESOL Certificate qualified teachers who have already started their ELT teaching careers and wish to further enhance their skills and expertise in the delivery of Business English courses. The Blended CertIBET is suitable for teachers of Business English (BE) worldwide, whatever their level of experience in BE teaching. It is also aimed at general English teachers who may want to become involved in BE teaching.

The course covers the same content areas as the fully-online CertIBET, but is offered in blended mode - part face-to-face (f2f) and part online. Whether you teach one-to-one, in-company, at a Business Studies college or university, or in any other BE context, and whether you are new to BE teaching or not, you will leave this course with a clear idea of what BE teaching entails, and plenty of new ideas, tools, approaches and techniques to use with your own BE learners.

The CertIBET aims to meet the needs of business English trainers to enhance their skills and expertise, to increase their employability prospects in the sector, and improve their ability to deliver a quality product to potential clients. The CertIBET course looks at a range of useful techniques, tools and resources for teaching Business English to learners. We consider a variety of contexts for Business English teaching, and cover issues of course and materials design, needs analysis, and performance-driven learning based on the workplace.

We also look at how to teach business skills such as presenting and negotiating, as well as written and spoken business communication skills, and intercultural competence. We also consider how new technologies may be integrated into BE teaching. See Course Structure & Syllabus below for the detailed course syllabus. The CertIBET provides teachers with an internationally recognized certificate, jointly managed and validated by English UK and Trinity College London. Holding a CertIBET will improve your employment opportunities and increase your chances of attracting new clients.

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