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IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology (Online)

» IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology (Online)
Course Information
Course Name: IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology
Course Length: 6 months

Course objectives

This courses focuses on developing your theoretical knowledge and practical teaching ability in the context of teaching General English or a Modern Language to adults. If you are a qualified teacher with at least one year’s full-time teaching under your belt and are looking to become a more informed practitioner, then this course offers a high level of methodological input that will advance your development. In addition, you will develop your self-analytical skills and become a more reflective teacher. The course also caters to those who are specifically aiming to do a future Diploma level qualification such as the Cambridge Delta.


Course content

The IH CAM course is divided into 19 modules. The modules cover all areas of teaching including theories of language learning, language learners, skills and systems. Topics covered include, but are not limited to,

  • Receptive & Productive skills
  • Advanced lesson planning and lesson frameworks
  • Learner focus
  • Phonology
  • Grammar
  • Testing
  • Theories of learning and teaching
  • Discourse analysis


Mode of assessment

  • 15 portfolio tasks
  • Final assignment of 1500-2000 words.

Your tutor assesses the weekly portfolio tasks and the assignment is externally marked by the IHWO Assessment Unit. There is no assessed teaching. Certificates are awarded by the IHWO Assessment Unit and Cambridge English Language Assessment for satisfactory completion of the assignment and portfolio.


Is this course for you?

We expect you are:

  • A qualified teacher with at least one year's full-time experience (600 clock hours of teaching). The focus of the course is General English to adults.
  • The International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology (CAM) serves two main audiences. It offers the high level of methodological input which many teachers seek for reasons of personal self-development. It also caters for those teachers who are specifically aiming to do a future Diploma level qualification such as the Cambridge DELTA.



The course is run online and requires regular/daily access to the Internet with a good connection. Each week there is a set amount of tasks that need to be completed within that week. The course is asynchronous and does not require participants to be online at any specific time within a week.



The course is run by qualified online tutors who will guide trainees through the online sessions. Tutors also assess the weekly portfolio tasks though these are then moderated by the independent assessment unit and Cambridge English. The final assignment is graded by an appointed independent marker.


Time commitment

The course consists of a weekly task load and reading tasks along with a classroom based portfolio task. These are spread over a 6-month period. While each participant takes their own amount of time to complete the tasks, we recommend that a participant allows for at least an hour a day or course related work.

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