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IH Certificate in Online Tutoring

ยป IH Certificate in Online Tutoring
Course Information
Course Name: IH Certificate in Online Tutoring
Course Length: 5 weeks

Course objectives

To train experienced English language/modern language teachers and trainers in techniques and approaches to online tutoring for language education, and to provide them with the skills required to become tutors for student-oriented and teacher-oriented courses on the IH VLE (Platform).

To raise awareness of opportunities for skills transfer and the need to acquire new skills in online tutoring as opposed to face-to-face tutoring.

Course content

There are 6 modules to be taken online covering areas such as:

  • Managing asynchronous discussion
  • Issues of Netiquette
  • Adapting and designing interactive materials for online learning
  • Feeding back to course participants


Mode of assessment

There is no assessed component to this course. However, to receive a certificate, you must submit at least 80% of all the course tasks (these include self-reflection, an analysis of learning styles, a comparison of learning and teaching media and online course design) and make regular and relevant contributions to the discussion board; please note the tutors expect quality as well as quantity!

Is this course for you?

The IH COLT is intended for a range of participants, including primarily:

  • teachers who are interested in the possibilities offered by the online teaching of language students
  • trainers who are interested in the possibilities offered by the online training of teachers
  • teachers or trainers who are interested in the design of online courses.



The course is run online and requires regular/daily access to the internet with a good connection. Tutors The course is run by qualified online tutors who will guide trainees through the online sessions and assess the portfolio.


Time commitment

This course is designed to be completed within 50 hours (including online and offline work). These are notionally broken down into a 5-phase course (over 4-6 weeks) on the basis of approximately 1-2 hours a day. However, you are under no obligation to visit the course as frequently as this and you may prefer to do more work at weekends rather than on a daily basis.

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