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IH DELTA 1 Exam Technique Preparation (Online)

ยป IH DELTA 1 Exam Technique Preparation (Online)
Course Information
Course Name: IH DELTA 1 Exam Technique Preparation (Online)
Course Length: 8 weeks

Course objectives

This course is aimed at teachers in their final stages of preparation for the DELTA exam. The course aims to review key areas needed to answer the DELTA examination questions, as well as advising candidates on how to answer each question. It provides tasks to help unpack each question and show what constitutes a pass answer. There is also the opportunity to try each task in full.

This IS NOT a preparation course for DELTA 1 - this course is for those wishing to brush up before the exam.


Course content

The IH DELTA 1 course is made up of 8 modules outlining and addressing what is required for each task in the exam. Each module usually consists of 5 or 6 exercises beginning with some terminology revision, followed by a discussion, then exploring each question in detail. Note: the course is predominately self-study with answer keys provided, though a tutor is on hand to give you advice and assess task answers.


Mode of assessment

Since this is an exam preparation course there is no formal assessment. Each week candidates are expected to tackle the designated exam task for that week. However as many of the tasks are self-reflective, candidates who wish to will be able to do most of the tasks in a time period convenient for them.


Is this course for you?

This course is aimed at teachers getting ready for the DELTA One examination. It is NOT a DELTA One course. The intended participants are people who have recently done an advanced methodology course such as the IH CAM, or a DELTA preparation course. This course does not aim to teach the terminology etc that is needed for the exam but review it and guide participants on how to answer the 9 exam tasks.

Applicants will be asked to provide evidence that they have completed a DELTA 1 methodology course or the IHCAM (or undertaken training equivalent to this). We will only accept candidates who meet this criteria to ensure that the course will be beneficial for them.



The course is run online and requires regular/daily access to the internet with a good connection. There is no requirement to be online at a set time.



The course is run by qualified online tutors who will guide trainees through the online tasks. The tutors are both qualified online tutors and approved Cambridge DELTA tutors. Time commitment We expect that this course will demand a minimum of 5 hours per module.

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