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IH Online Course in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers

» IH Online Course in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers
Course Information
Course Name: IH Online Course in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers
Course Length: 8 weeks

An 8 week online course in teaching Young Learners and Teenagers.

We are offering this course to meet the needs of teachers who are working in contexts where it is not possible to have a local trainer or observe YL classes. If you are new to teaching YL classes and are finding that the guidelines you were given in your initial training don’t seem to apply as well to Younger Learners as they do to adults, this course is for you.

Course content:

The course has 7 modules which cover classroom management, materials, clarification and correction, the four skills and individual learning. Modules will also include online video observations of real YL classrooms.

Module Topics:

  • An introduction to YLs and how they learn
  • Classroom Management
  • Materials/Practising language/Correction techniques
  • Clarification of new language
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Reading & Writing
  • Focus on the Learner
  • Final Assignment


The course is an asynchronous online course.  It is designed this way so that you can access the material whenever it suits you. You don't have to attend at a certain time which means that wherever you are in the world the time difference is never an issue.

A new module is covered each week and the material for that module is provided over the course of the week. You are given tasks to do both in groups and individually. Participants are expected to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours per week to the tasks in each module. The discussion forums are a great opportunity to share ideas and learn from your peers all over the world. It is advisable to log on regularly so that you keep up to date with the ongoing discussions.

Time and commitment:
The course lasts 8 weeks with one module per week and a week for the final assignment at the end. It depends on the individual, but we recommend a minimum of 5-to-7 hours per week spent online and doing tasks. Your study hours are flexible, but some tasks require group input and have set deadlines. The more time you can devote to the course, the more you will gain from it.

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