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NILE Online Intercultural Awareness in Language Teaching

» NILE Online Intercultural Awareness in Language Teaching
Course Information
Course Name: NILE Online Intercultural Awareness in Language Teaching
Course Length: 8 Weeks

Nowadays more and more people come into contact with other cultures as part of their personal and professional lives. This is why English has become such an important tool for cross-cultural communication. But understanding someone from a different culture and making oneself understood is not just a question of speaking a language well. Our linguistic ability needs to be complemented by intercultural awareness, i.e. a conscious awareness of the factors, attitudes and skills that have a bearing on our ability to communicate effectively and sensitively across cultures.

English language teachers who have such awareness are in a unique position to make intercultural learning an integral and exciting part of their regular classroom practice. This is why participants on this NILE Online course will explore the following themes in detail and experientially:

•          different meanings and uses of the word culture
•          the role of perception in understanding other cultures
•          how cultural identities interact in cross-cultural situations
•          the process of adapting to a different culture
•          practical approaches to integrating language and intercultural learning in and beyond the English-language classroom
•          a range of (non) digital resources to raise and develop intercultural awareness in their students

At NILE we are committed to offering the best in language teacher training. As such, we provide tutorial contact in our online courses as well as in our campus courses. Online participants will receive allocated tutor interaction and feedback in each unit they take, constituting a total of 20 hours group time and 5 hours individual time.

Online courses are broken down into individual units, activities and numbered tasks, forming a clear and linear structure. The structure is not rigid however, for it enables participants to progress through the course with flexibility and parallelism. Tasks will be interactive, involving voice chat, forums and community walls, and they will utilize a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos.


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