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mLearning in Practice

ยป mLearning in Practice
Course Information
Course Name: mLearning in Practice
Course Length: 6 Weeks

mLearning in Practice is aimed at teachers and trainers who are interested in integrating elements of mLearning in their own classroom practice. The course is also relevant to directors and educational managers who would like to learn about the potential of mLearning, and how it might best be implemented within their educational context. If you are involved in education, and interested in learning more about the growing field of a mLearning, then this is the course for you.

We look at the range of mobile or handheld devices currently available for learning, and we examine current best practice and principles in mLearning. We consider mLearning both in and outside the classroom, and in both formal and informal learning situations.

We explore some of the games and apps (small programs or 'applications') currently available in education, and we also look at the wider issues and practicalities of implementing mLearning. The course examines a range of case studies and considers how mLearning can be integrated into project work with learners in a range of disciplines and contexts.

The course is hands-on and firmly based in classroom practice. During the course, you will be encouraged to try out and evaluate apps and learning content on your own mobile/cell phone (assuming you have one). Note that it is not necessary to own a mobile/cell phone of any description to take the course, although if you own a smartphone, you could take the entire course on it!

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