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NILE Online Testing, Evaluation and Assessment

» NILE Online Testing, Evaluation and Assessment
Course Information
Course Name: NILE Online Testing, Evaluation and Assessment
Course Length: 8 Weeks

This NILE Online course is an introduction to key concepts, principles and practices in language testing and assessment, and in the broader area of course and programme evaluation. The course is designed for education professionals with a general interest in language assessment, and for those with a specific professional role in this area. The course is also for those students on the NILE Master’s in Professional Development for Language Education who have chosen the elective module in Testing, Evaluation and Assessment, and these MA participants will have extension resources and activities throughout the unit content, as well as individual tutorial opportunities.

The first unit of the course introduces the tutor, participants, platform and resources, and also introduces concepts in language assessment which will be referred to and developed throughout the course. This includes the idea of test purpose and test types to fit different purposes and contexts. Unit 2 extends this idea to cover external frameworks of reference in language assessment, and their contemporary relevance in the links between learning, teaching and testing. Units 3 to 5 focus on approaches to assessing the skills and systems of language, covering tasks, items, marking keys and criteria, and their impact on the language classroom as well as the assessment situation. In the sixth unit, we look at researching language tests and assessment practices, from a quantitative and a qualitative perspective, and in the penultimate unit we consider ‘alternative’ assessment practices and the role of technology in language testing and assessment. The final unit takes a look forward, both at the future of language assessment in general, exploring research trends and potential developments, and the future for participants’ own professional practice, beginning with the course assignments – a choice of assessed products for open-enrolment course participants, and the assessment requirements of the MA module for those on the Master’s programme.

At NILE we are committed to offering the best in language teacher training. As such, we provide tutorial contact in our online courses as well as in our campus courses. Online participants will receive allocated tutor interaction and feedback in each unit they take.

Online courses are broken down into individual units and activities, forming a clear structure. Tasks will be interactive, involving voice chat, forums and community walls, and they will utilize a range of multimedia including images, audio files and videos.

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