About Aqueduto
About Aqueduto
Aqueduto (The Association for QUality EDUcation and Training Online) is a charitable organisation dedicated to:


  • evaluating blended and online training courses against a quality assurance framework
  • representing providers of such courses in a crowded marketplace, varying in quality
  • helping professionals identify such courses, and enrol with confidence

Aqueduto was founded in 2015, by the following online training providers:

The Consultants-E
International House London
Laureate Inc.

Visiting Professionals

Visiting Professionals

If you’re looking for a tutored online or blended course, the Aqueduto website is the perfect place to start. All our members have validated their training courses against a rigorous Quality Assurance Framework which looks at the three crucial domains of technology-mediated training:

  • Institutional
  • Technological
  • Pedagogical

As a potential client of one of these institutions, you can be assured that the courses which feature in our Course Directory are of the highest standard, designed to help you learn quickly, efficiently and well – and with excellent human support throughout. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Course Providers

Course Providers

If you offer tutored online and blended courses, you may be interested in validating your courses against the Aqueduto Quality Assurance Framework and joining the association as a member. Membership allows you to use the logos on your own publicity materials, and advertise all your courses here on the Aqueduto site.

There are plenty of other member benefits, too. If you’d like to explore membership, please follow these suggested links:

Or contact us to start a Membership Application