The Quality Assurance Framework has been developed by AQUEDUTO to guide course providers with measurable and practical best practices in online course delivery.

The AQUEDUTO Quality Assurance Framework

The balance in the framework is (logically) very much in favour of people and pedagogy, whilst recognising that without other aspects of institutional and technological support and infrastructure, a course may never be truly successful in its aims.

The framework examines courses through the lens of three domains:

  • The Institutional Domain
  • The Technological Domain
  • The Pedagogical Domain

Between these three domains, there is a set of forty-five criteria divided into sub-categories. The current version of the framework (jointly developed by the members of AQUEDUTO) has the following criteria distribution:


The Institutional Domain

  • Institutional Strategy (7)
  • Staff Training, Development and Performance Management (4)
  • Supporting the Learner Experience (16)

The Pedagogical Domain

  • Course Design (8)
  • Tutor Competencies (6)

The Technological Domain

  • Platform (4)


Interested in reviewing AQUEDUTO's full framework?

AQUEDUTO's framework is available for free download and use to any institution or training professional offering online language teacher education. In addition to our full framework, we have developed an accompanying guidance for the framework, preparing you with examples of use, best practices, and advice on applying the framework to your program(s). 

Click here to access and download the full AQUEDUTO framework and accompanying guide.