February 24, 2022 at 14:00 GMT/UK time

Webinar: COVID-19 and the Shift to Online Teacher Education

Simon Borg discusses the experiences of a diverse set of international providers of English language teacher education (ELTE) as they adapted to COVID–19 and shifted their operations online. The analysis highlights the range of challenges that arose during this process, factors that helped teacher educators address these challenges, and positive outcomes for organisations and teacher educators of the enforced transition to online delivery. The implications of the study for online ELTE will also be considered.


About the Speaker:

Simon Borg has been involved in language teaching and teacher education for over 30 years. He specialises in the design, implementation and evaluation of professional development programmes and policies and has completed assignments related to English language teacher education in over 20 countries. Details of his work and his blog are available at http://simon–borg.co.uk/.


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Presentation: COVID-19 and the Shift to Online Language Teacher Education from AQUEDUTO on Vimeo.


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Thursday February 24th 2022 14:00 GMT/UK